Thursday, May 3, 2012

nan kanda thirurhlangal-KASI- II

             THE next day started with "ganga snanam"-a sacred dip in the mighty ganges.We were taken by our guide in a private boat to the 5 famous ghats and we bathed at all the sites.There were 64 ghats but the most famous is harichandra ghat and manikarnika ghat.We saw lots of taken in boats for the sacred cremation.They even had an electric cremation ground .
             It is believed if you are not to be reborn we should burn you body if not you bury to be born later.this idea hols strong on kasi people. Later we were asked to change dress and was taken to "kasi Visvanath swamy" temple.Our guide warned us of losing money to the bargainers in the temple.We were accompanied by a pandit and he took us to the shrine.(a pandit is not necessary there like south India,so don't take a pandit for pooja inside the temple).We can get milk ,flowers sweets for the lord .We can touch the linga and do pooja by our self. This was the very first time we were touching a lingam and that was the lord visvanath. it is a life time experience.At the exit we can see a separate shrine for' maa Annapoorani".later we were taken to moksha lingam. A place we worship for our kids and elders( they were bargaining for money ).
           We then visited other bhiravar temple for the rest of the day till it was time for the "Mangala arthi at ganges" .this is pooja done for "maa Ganga"  this is the place where ganga turns towards north and flows on .even a single arthi is done by agoories.we left for the next days experience...............

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