Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nan kanda thiruthalangal- KASI

                                                           Varanasi-  A trip to Kasi
           The  name VARANASI is derived from the joining of two rivers Varuna and Assi .  Varuna from north and assi from south.On the banks of maa Ganges is kasi shethram located .The place is filled with lingam and old history every inch of it ,every step we put forward we can see a lingam and each direction we turn we can see a temple.Temples here are not big they are small but powerful with good vibration .A trip to kasi can bring out a new thought about life.

         Every thing is very old dated back to many century.No one can give a proper history of the place.Life at kasi is diffrent ,the day starts early before sunrise and ends very late at night.We saw so many other country people in search of real life.Every one there has a lesson to learn and that is why they are born here or we are here to feel it.          

          OUR TRIP  started with varanasi airport a quiet place.We travelled in a taxi arranged by our guide who came for our pickup. It was an hour travell to the city  VARANASI  from the city limit we have to travell for20 min to the hotel. We checked in at 5p.m .The room was good  for Rs.1800-  a day stay of A/C double bed room  with a road side view .We odered  tea  at the room service and good tea was served which was more for two people.After a quick fresh up we started to the BHAIRAV temple
.A riksha was arranged and a 30 min ride with heavy traffic brought us to the street where   KALA  BHAIRAV temple is situated .We were taken from the main road to small streets which was very narrow for an auto or car .Only a riksha or two wheeler can go through these streets.WE  parked our riksha near by on the streets  and started to walk for 2min with the rikshavala  for the temple.We cleaned our hands with the water given by the flower  shopvala and got flowers for  Rs.10, oil for Rs.5 , and black threads for pooja  a take home prasad for Rs. 20(these threads are available in various  colour  and rates but the black one is auspecious).                                                                        
          We  went into the temple and we saw the AKANTAROOPAM OF LORD KALA BHAIRAVR .He was so magnificient with silver coat and with flowers a (lamp ) jothi was burning all day and night in his front .We poured oil into the lamp and and flowers were given to the poojari(priest -you can give him from Rs.10-50 and will be treated accordingly ).He blessed us with thilak  and kept the prasad in the foot of BHAIRAVAR .


                   A devotee  was singing kala bhairavar astakam and we joined  him in the devotion .We came  outside the main karuvarai made of marble and in the left corner we can see a   LINGAM   little up with few steps to climb. Next to it was EIGHT BHAIRAVAR in a square each one facing one direction .We can place small lamps near by (specially mustard seed lamp on  Saturday) each one .So many gods are inside the temple and ANJANEYAR (lord hanuman) stands in front of bhairavar .

                  A threshool and a flag is placed on the foot steps and one has to touch them both at a time to worship before leaving the temple .We can see one bairavar (a dog)statue in the entence onthe left of the gates.we are free to take pictures there.Happy we came  out and in a short walk in the twisted streets of kasi.       

   We came to" DANDAPANI BHAIRAVAR".This is also  a small  temple and when coming round the statue  next side we can see a big shiva lingam mesmerizing us.After having snaps we walked back to our riksha at 9.00p.m. Back to our room we had good lassi at a nearby shop and   Dinner  was  at Kerela cafee  a small hotel 10min from our room in  riksha.Only tiffen like  dosa , idly, poori with channa gravy(batura with chole gravy) is available, its an ok hotel with reasonable rates. We gave Rs.200 as half day charge for the riksha .The  day ended with the satisfaction of seeing kala bhairavar and the eager for seeing      lord"VISVANATHAR" and maa"ANNAPOORANI".    

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