Friday, February 1, 2013


Shiva is a state of mind, Shiva is Atman, Shiva is you, and Shiva is me.Shivaya nama Shivalingaaya nama om|
What happens when two drops of Atman meet in the realm of ether, in this world, in this Maya?
I am the mystic you look for; I am the mystic you discover within you. I am the rhythm of the Lord in my heart, the lotus blooms within my soul. I am the tune you wish to sing, I am the heart beat within you. I am Atman I am me I am you, I am where you too exist, in this divine ether between the earth and space, within this Maya we meet, an egoless existence, pure music, pure soul, the constant in my breath is the constant in yours, Atman in pure form is felt at last.
Atman is pure love, Atman is soul,Atman is the constant that makes me, make you.Atman is what gives a circle its form,Atman is what gives the flame its glowAtman is what makes the world arise.Atman is the sheen on your skin,Atman is the twinkle in my eye,Atman is the bliss that swells your heart,Atman is that of which you and me are a part.
Atman is what you admire in meAtman is what brings us closeAtman is what makes the nerves tingleAtman is that energy that flowsAtman is what brings life to our breathAtman is the darkness beyond the light of reasonAtman is that which stays constantAtman is that which i admire in you
Oh Lord Shiva, so divine is your loveYour presence felt when two Atmans meetIn your admiration we drown our selfIn your realm we cease to existIn your fire does our ego burnIn your beauty do we realize our ownIn your ocean does our goodness flowIn your blooming lotus do we feel your warmthIn your realm do we admireMy Atman as well as yours.
Atman is that word that truthAtman is what merges you and meAtman is not man nor womanAtman is our ocean of loveAtman is my beauty and yoursAtman is my mystic and yoursAtman is my character and yoursAtman is my mind and yoursAtman is what IS when we mergeAtman is what will be when we part.
In this drama of life, Atman is my ode to the Lord. In this breath i take in Atman is the soul within. In the sunlight of the day, Atman is what glows on my face, In this cruel world of egos, Atman is my saving grace. In this realm of murderous war, Atman is what binds my tears of love. In this jumble of words that unfold, Atman is the garland of letters untold.
Aatmaaya nama atmalingaaya nama om||

Atman is the zone of mutual admiration, it is the zone of no ego, it is the zone of no age or gender, it is the zone of single pointed concentration on the self, on other selves. It is the zone where "I" doesn't exist. It is the zone where only goodness is felt, a zone where human beauty in the self is appreciated. Atman is present in this moment, now, within us waiting to be realized.

This post has been inspired by Maanikkavaachakar's Thiruvaachakam. The author Maanikkavaachakar was a poet and a mystic of his time and his works date back to 3rd cen A.D.

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