Saturday, September 24, 2011

Naan kanda Thiruthalangal.......

                                "THIRUCHENDUR"                                                                                                 I was waiting to see "Thiruchendur" for a very long time . Lord  Murugan gave me this chance on a very fine morning .We reached by 11p.m and our dharshan time was eary 2a.m .We thought we can not go since our kids are small and leaving them at hotel was hard .We had ony two passes for dharshan  .After some time  we decided to leave for dharshan and left our kids to my brother at the hotel . Lord Murugan gave us  an amazing dharshan with all abishegam he was there standing in victory glow and giving us peace.I don't know what  words could explain his grace and beauty."Chen door muruganuku" "aroogara".This was the first time i am deeply involved in any thing . Next day we went with our kids and a wonderful dhashan was arranged.'Muruganin karunai periyadu".
                                                                                  more about "Thiruchendur Murugan"  Thirudhendur is said be his second most important among his six adobes. here he is worshiped as Lord"senthil andavar " .this is unique adobe of lord muruga which is situated on the seashore whereas other adobes are on top of hills. this is belived to be built by thesigamoorthy swamigal belonging to thiruvadudurai adeenam about 300years ago. This shrine is famous for' kandtha sasthi' festival 'soora samharam' is being conducted at the end of the day.                                                                                It is belived that during Adi Sankaracharya one abhinavagupta wrote upon the master some serve illness through 'abhichara prayoga'.Adi Sankarar got himself completely cured at Thiruchendur,where he composed the famous 'Subramanya Bhujangam'.The vibhuthi  given on 'panneer leaf' at the temple is considered effiaccious in curing the severest of physical and mental illness. 
                                                                                                        'Kumara  Guruparar', who was born bumb,was brought by his parents to Thiruchendur temple at age five. they observed austerities for 48 days .at the end of this 48 day 'Skanda' appeared in midnight and wrote on his tongue. the child immedietly broke into devotional song 'Kandar  Kalivenba' .he was blessed by 'Lord Meenakshi' and 'Lord Saraswathi and later he went to kasi.he established a mutt at Kasi at Kedarnat. Another gret devote ,'Devaraya Swamigal' composed the ever popular' Kandar  Shashti Kavacham' at thiruchendur.                                                                    more about Thiruchendur continues....................................

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