Friday, June 10, 2011

STORY OF Siva as Somaskanda

CHENNAI: The Divine spark that emanated from Lord Siva's third eye was transformed into six babies, who were brought up by the six women. Lord Siva asked Goddess Parvati to accompany Him to where the babies were being looked after. When Parvati saw the babies, She embraced them all together, and they were all fused into one child, that had six faces, twelve eyes and twelve arms. Nothing is possible without Her mercy, said M.A. Manickavelu in a discourse on the birth of Lord Subrahmanya.

The Goddess then gave the child Her milk. As She fed the child, some of the milk spilled into the nearby river, in which many fish were swimming. These fish were originally the sons of sage Parasara. They had hurt the fish in the river, and their father had cursed them to become fishes themselves. The sage had said they would be released from the curse, when Goddess Parvati fed the child Subrahmanya with milk. Accordingly, when the milk drops fell into the river, they recovered their original form.

Through Her milk what the Goddess gave to Lord Subrahmanya was gnana. There are two types of gnana — knowledge of worldly things; and knowledge of the Supreme One. It is spiritual knowledge that is the most important for us. Having fed the child, Parvati handed the child to Lord Siva. The Lord seated the child between Himself and Goddess Parvati. It is in this form that Lord Siva is known as Somaskanda.

This is a significant form of the Lord. Earlier when there were quarrels between the Divine couple, there was always the possibility that Parvati could leave Lord Siva in anger. But now, the presence of the child Subrahmanya would make Her think twice before leaving Her consort. The Goddess is dark in colour, and may be said to symbolise the night. Lord Siva is Fire, and so is associated with daytime, which is hot. Lord Subrahmanya was seated between the Lord and the Goddess, looking like twilight, which is between day and night. The Goddess is also like the Moon, while the Lord is like the Sun. So Subrahmanya seated between them could be compared to the time of the day when the Sun hasn't quite set, and the Moon hasn't yet made its appearance. '' OM nama shivaya"

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